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Caribbean: Addressing The Reality Of Brexit – By David Jessop – commentary

Addressing The Reality Of Brexit – By David Jessop

By David Jessop – Caribbean News Service – CNS Contributor

BREXIT - Britain and Europe

After BREXIT… What?

LONDON, Jul 02 2016 – The European Council President, Donald Tusk, could not have been clearer. Following a June 29 informal session of European Union (EU) leaders, minus the UK, he said that there will be no European single market à la carte. Trade access, he observed, requires the acceptance of the freedom of movement of EU citizens

His message is one that is important for Caribbean leaders to understand when in the next few days Heads of Government meeting in Georgetown are likely to consider how best to respond to the UK’s seismic June 23 referendum vote to leave Europe.

This is because Mr Tusk’s comments indicate that whoever fills the political power vacuum now existing in Britain, will have relatively few options as to where they can take the country’s relationship with Europe.     Continue reading