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Wi-Fi ranking a plus for Barbados – By Tony Best

Wi-Fi ranking a plus for Barbados

By TONY BEST, – NationNews Barbados –  10 January 2016

As she was getting ready to leave New York for Barbados, a teenager had an urgent, last minute, question for a relative in the country. it was: “Do you have Wi-Fi?”. The answer: “Yes, of course, we do have Wi-Fi.”

What both the youth and her elderly aunt in Barbados probably didn’t know at the time was that the island was ranked recently by experts as one of the top 20 countries in the world providing public Wi-Fi services. According to Rotten Wi-Fi, a British-based blog which gathers information on Wi-Fi networks in about 184 countries and then ranks them based on speed and the quality of hot spots, Barbados is among the world leaders in public Wi-Fi access.  Continue reading

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