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Doing business in the Caribbean is still a Challenge

Doing business in the Caribbean is still a Challenge

News Americas, WASHINGTON, D.C., Fri. Oct. 26, 2012:

Guyana ranked #114 of 185 countries in World Bank report

Doing Business in the Caribbean remains a challenge, when compared to countries in Asia, Europe and the United States, according to the latest World Bank Rankings on the ease of doing business among 185 countries around the world.

Puerto Rico, with a rank of 41, topped the Caribbean, as the easiest country in this region to do business. This includes starting a business and the time and procedures needed to get rolling.

St. Lucia, where it takes about 15 days to get a company started, was next at 53 followed by Antigua and Barbuda at 63. Tiny Dominica took the 68th spot ahead of Trinidad and Tobago at 69. Analysts say it takes less time to start a business in Dominica than T&T. The wait time for Dominica for paper processing is 13 days compared to 41 for T&T according to the report.   Continue reading

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