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Guyana: Culture Minister Charles Ramson Jr. under fire for statement about lack of black role models

– News Source Guyana – November 28, 2012

Charles Ramson Jr

The Culture Minister appeared on an afternoon programme on 94.1 FM on Friday November 26, 2021 and sought to lecture the black community in Guyana about what he sees as a need for more black role models.

Guyana’s Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr. has found himself facing a mountain of criticism from several prominent black citizens over a statement he made about the black community in Guyana being in need of black role models.

“I think that in the black community, young black kids also need lots of examples of success because they have to be able to see that there is a pathway in order for them to live that successful life. And it bothers me a lot when I hear people who just came out of government, who spent 1.4 trillion dollars in this country and failed the black community and still are walking around the people as if they were capable of giving the leadership to help to create wealth in the country and in the black community”, Ramson said, while explaining that his father was his role model.          Continue reading

GCA: Guyana Folk Festival wraps up with Family Fun Day event in Crown Heights

(From left) President of the Guyana Tri-State Alliance Patricia Jordon-Langford; Guyana Consul General to New York Barbara Atherly; First Lady of Guyana Sandra Granger; and President of GUM Sherif Barker-Fraser, join Public Advocate for the City of New York Jumaane D. Williams and his daughter.

“The day was filled with nice-ness and one-ness,” according to Dr. Vibert Cambridge, president of the Guyana Cultural Association. “The Children’s Village was the site of innovations.”                Continue reading

Guyana Speaks: Guyana’s West African Connection – London UK – 24th September 2017

Guyana Speaks: Guyana’s West African Connection – London UK – Sunday 24th September 2017

Please join us at The Classic, 28 Upper Tooting Road, London, SW17 7PG.   Doors open at 1.30pm.

Inline image 1

Dr. Vibert Cambridge

Our two esteemed presenters, Dr. Michelle Yaa Assantawa, and Rosamond Grant (see flyer for more details), will be joined by Dr. Vibert Cambridge, a recipient of Guyana’s Golden Arrow of Achievement.   He will be speaking via Skype on the contribution of J. A. Barbour-James, a Guianese postal official who worked in the Gold Coast (present-day Ghana) during the first decade of the 20th century.  [See Flyer below]  Continue reading


Dave Martins

Dave Martins


Following recent musical explorations in the country, including Dr. Vibert Cambridge’s excellent book, “Musical Life in Guyana”, the current depressed state of our music industry is once again a topic of discussion. We are hearing renewed calls for more music education in the schools, and for ways to make instruments more affordable.

A well-known music teacher stressed the need to identify and foster singular musical talent. Some have called for the creation of a Guyanese “national sound”, and there has been the inevitable shout for government funding for music studios and facilities. It is fair to say that, particularly following Dr. Cambridge’s book, serious concerns have been raised about the state of our music industry today.  Continue reading

Queen’s College and Guyanese Musical Life 1844 – 2014

Queen’s College and Guyanese Musical Life 1844 – 2014

Queen's College LogoBy Dr. Vibert Cambridge

February 11, 2014
Dear Colleague:

Greetings and best wishes for the new day. How did Queen’s College influence your musical life/tastes?  This e-mail requests your participation in an initiative to commemorate Queen’s College’s 170th anniversary.

Since August 6, 1844, Queen’s College has been an important institution in Guyanese society.  Norman Cameron’s A History of the Queen’s College of British Guiana [Guyana] and Laurence Clarke’s Queen’s College of Guyana:  Records of a Tradition of Excellence (1844–1994) provide valuable information on the history of the school and a record of achievements.  There is need to complement those core works with deeper explorations of the school’s contribution to Guyanese social, scientific, political and cultural life.

The initiative referred to above will focus on Q. C’s contribution to Guyanese musical life since 1844.  Over the past week, a conversation with this focus was launched on the Facebook site—“Queen’s College and Guyanese musical life since 1844.”   Continue reading

Guyana Folk Festival 2012: Symposium – Call for Participation


Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc.   &

 Department of Culture, Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports

Guyana Folk Festival 2012:  Symposium

“Masquerade Lives.”

Georgetown, Guyana. South America

December 13, 14, 2012

Guyana Folk Festival Secretariat

1368 E. 89 Street, Suite # 2.  Brooklyn, New York, NY 11236.  U.S.A.
TEL: 718.209.5207. FAX: 718.209.6157 WEBSITE: www.guyfolkfest.org

To organize an event that would contribute to public education and appreciation of the history and direction of masquerade in Guyana.    Continue reading

QC Alumni – New York – Ball and Presentation Ceremony

Queen”s College Alumni – New York – Formal Ball and Presentation Ceremony -May 19, 2012

The New York Chapter of The Queen’s College (QC) of Guyana Alumni Association will celebrate the 21st Anniversary of its founding with a Formal Ball and Presentation Ceremony.

The event will be held on Saturday May 19,2012  at the Astoria World Manor in Queen’s,New York.The Guest Speaker for the occasion will be the Honorable Justice Kenneth Benjamin, Chief Justice of Belize and QC Alumnus (1965-1972).

We will honor three outstanding Alumni – Dr. Maya Trotz, Dr. Vibert Cambridge and Dr. Vivian Rambihar.The Founding members of the association will also be recognized for their foresight and magnanimous contribution to our Alma Mater. Continue reading

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