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Guyana: OIL: EPA’s response to suspected ‘oil spill’ exposes lack of capacity – Opinion

Dr. Troy Thomas

Dec 07, 2021 News – Kaieteur News

 “…If the EPA is taking one week to find the location and determine whether the substance found floating in the water is really crude oil, in the meantime, we can be facing consequences that are colossal…The EPA definitely needs to do better.”

—people have the right to be worried– Dr. Troy Thomas

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) response to the recent reports of ‘oily substance’ found floating offshore in Guyana’s waters, not only exposes the agency’s lack of capacity with regard to monitoring the country’s oil operations, but points to a need for proper surveillance in this regard.

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Guyana Politics: TIGI ups pressure on Irfaan Ali to produce qualifications

– says issue raises questions on if he can be trusted with Presidential immunity if elected

Dr. Troy Thomas – TIGI

“It is not a simple matter, it is not a matter that you can just brush aside. It is very important. It goes to the core of morals and also highlights competence…He must clarify the matter and I think this is something he should do immediately…” – TIGI President

President of Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc (TIGI) Dr. Troy Thomas is calling on People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali to fulfill his responsibilities to the people of Guyana. During an interview with this newspaper yesterday, Dr. Thomas said that as a public official, Ali has a major responsibility to be transparent and accountable.

That view was already proffered by anti-corruption advocate, Chris Ram, with reference to the ongoing dispute surrounding Ali’s qualifications.        Continue reading

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