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GUYANA: The political culling of the Public Service

By – March 16, 2021

Every time that there is a changing of the political guard in Guyana there occurs some element of  change in the lineup of public officers. It is a dislocating process that sometimes cuts a swathe across a wide section of state-controlled agencies, generating equal measures of anger and anxiety

. The practice, all too frequently, is decorated by some of the most brainless and absurd justifications for what is, in effect, the political gouging/’cleansing’ of state agencies. Its motive? To address the comfort level concerns of the new   political directorate. There continues to be a generous measure of evidence of that political culling this time around.      Continue reading

GUYANA: Return to Agriculture now… Possible food crisis from COVID-19… says (NAREI)

As fears mount of a possible food crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic…

Guyanese need to urgently …  return to farms and kitchen gardens

Pull quote: ‘We are buying Vitamin C tablets and ‘builders’ when we could be growing and utilising our own, such as cherries, oranges and other citrus fruits… ”  —-  Dr. Oudho Homenauth, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Agricultural Research & Extension Institute (NAREI)        Continue reading

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