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Opinion…Race and politics: Guyana’s two disastrous hurricanes

Opinion…Race and politics: Guyana’s two disastrous hurricanes

For decades now, once there was a destructive hurricane heading for the Caricom islands, a satirical wind would blow all over Guyana, whether in the rum shop, municipal market, at home at the lunch table or anyway where Guyanese are gathered. And it would go like this; “We don’t get natural disasters, only man-made ones.”

That would be followed up with the words: “Those people will recover, but our man-made hurricane won’t go away.”     Continue reading

British Guiana 1953 – Tension in British Guiana – video

British Guiana 1953 – Tension in British Guiana

In 1953 the Constitution was suspended after 133 days and British troops were sent in to “prevent the Communist takeover of British Guiana”, according to historical documents.

This silent news film shows selected originals from the news reports – “Tension in British Guiana” – by British Pathe Films.  It shows different footage from the newsreel story filmed in Georgetown, British Guiana in 1953. Here is a list of the shots:

British troops patrol streets (3 shots). –  native boy. –  school kids in street. – Dr Cheddie Jagan and wife being interviewed (5 shots). – small boy fishing. – Royal Navy Frigate at anchor in harbour (2 shots). Various views of Georgetown (3 shots). – Governor Alfred Savage and wife walking in garden. (4 shots). – various scenes of Georgetown (10 shots). Note: This video has no sound.  Play video…

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