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A president’s decision creates a hornets’ nest – By Adam Harris

A president’s decision creates a hornets’ nest

By Adam Harris  – October 21, 2017

President David Granger seems to be in the middle of some flak from a growing group of self-proclaimed guardians of the society. This time the criticisms are coming from his decision to appoint a chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission. He rejected three lists produced by Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, and appointed retired judge, Justice James Patterson.

There are some things that I could not help but notice. The first was the contention that President Granger is indecisive. He was said to be indecisive when he pondered over the lists. Then he made a decisive choice and is being pilloried for it.

The second has to do with the use of the Carter formula. There is nothing in the formula that says that the president must accept a name recommended by the opposition. It is true that from the time the formula was introduced the president has always selected a name from the list provided by the opposition.   Continue reading

That Rodney Inquiry – commentary

That Rodney Inquiry


Mr. Eusi Kwayana informed this newspaper  (see letter below), and the Guyanese people, via its letter pages that he was contacted on whether he would be willing to offer testimony on an Inquiry into the killing of Dr Walter Rodney on June 13, 1980. He replied in the affirmative. We are pleased, and all Guyanese should also be, that the Government evidently is going ahead with its commitment made at the last anniversary of the historian’s killing, to institute an International Commission of Inquiry (COI) on the issue.

The Guyanese nation needs closure on the killing of this son of Guyana, who is perhaps the only one to have achieved such worldwide recognition. His family has been agitating for such closure for years. After Rodney’s death which was caused by the explosion of what he was told was a “walkie talkie”, the PNC invited two UK experts, Dr Skuse and Dr Johnson to investigate the tragic incident that occurred outside the Georgetown Prison. However, they were not required to pronounce on culpability, and in any event, the full report was never released. Skuse was later disgraced in the UK for several flawed “findings”.  Continue reading

Capitol News TV News vides 26 August 2013

Capitol News TV News vides 26 August 2013

  • No shift in the position of the country’s main opposition party on the Amaila Hydro Project issue
  • University of Guyana officially reopens
  • Former Attorney General and Senior Counsel Doodnauth Singh cremated
  • Young man lashes out at some members of the Police Force over what he views as unprofessional conduct
  • Horse Racing – Elle’s Vision gallops away with $5mil grand prize

View TV News videos  – click links below:

No shift in the position of the country’s main opposition party on the Amaila Hydro Project issuePosted: 26 Aug 2013 04:57 PM PDT  Continue reading
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