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GUYANA: COVID-19 Vaccine Divide: Better options – By Mosa Telford

By August 28, 2021

Being alive in 2021 is a test of strength and courage, but it is also a time of awakening. It is a time when people have risen from isolation and torment and have chosen to be lights in this world. They have chosen to not be victims of fear.

The conflicts between the vaccinated and unvaccinated continue and many have not chosen sides. They have not chosen to mock the choices either side have made. They realize that divide and conquer continues to cause nations to collapse and they have chosen to be the voices of reason and stand in support of free will, truth, justice, and righteousness.

Throughout the pandemic, healthcare workers have worked tirelessly. Months ago, there were reports that in some instances they did not have enough personal protective equipment, but they persevered because they were committed, and we were and are still facing a health crisis. For many, when death was imminent, it was doctors and nurses who stood by them in their last moments when their relatives and friends could not be there.              Continue reading