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Come back home – Govt. Ministers urge diaspora in Canada

Come back home – Govt. Ministers urge diaspora in Canada

AUGUST 9, 2015 | BY |
    Pic filed as Canada celebrations2 A section of the participants during the business session at the Crown Plaza in Toronto   Pic filed as Canada celebrations1 The mammoth crowd listening to Minister Harmon in Canada.

“Last Lap Lime” 2015 – Toronto Canada

Minister of State Joseph Harmon and Tourism Minister Cathy Hughes, recently led a small delegation to Canada, in order to update Guyanese in the diaspora of the plans and objectives of the new administration.

The delegation which also included a tourism official and representatives from the 50thIndependence Anniversary Commission, “received loud praises for their decision to visit Canada during “Last Lap Lime”, an event in Toronto Canada” which attracts the largest number of Guyanese.  Continue reading

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