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MASH 2014 – Eleven finalists in the Calypso Competition – video

Stage is set for the 11 finalists in the Calypso Competition


[ Picture: De Professor – 2013 Champion]

The stage is set for the  11 finalists in  the Mashramani Calypso Competition due for the Thirst Park ground on the evening of February 15.  Defending Champion is De Professor and he made it clear that he is not ready to relinquish the crown that he also won in 2009/ 2011.

 Among the challengers is another multiple winner Roger Hinds who is also confident.
But the women would not be outdone by the men and Queen Makeba who is a seasoned campaigner and Queen Dairy who made her debut last year.
And making a comeback after his absence last year is 2005 junior champion the Mighty Believer.

“CABINET BOOTS” – by Eusi Kwayana – regarding banned calypsos

CABINET BOOTS –  by Eusi Kwayana

Dear Editor,

The reported banning of the year’s calypsos, or some of them from the government’s radio station or radio and TV stations  is a denial of freedom of expression in art. I had the pleasure of listening to De Professor. [see calypso link below]. I wonder what most frightened the government in it. I ask myself: Is this a rumour?  Can it be true? This is not the police now. This is cabinet rank. ”

Who appointed anybody in the Cabinet to decide these things?

Some two years ago, or less, when the columnist Freddie Kissoon described the PPP/C regime as fascist, I said to myself, ”Hello.”    Continue reading

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