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U.S. rolls out new Cuba rules on trade, travel

U.S. rolls out new Cuba rules on trade, travel

WASHINGTON, (Reuters) – The United States rolled out a sweeping set of measures today to significantly ease the half-century-old embargo against Cuba, opening up the country to expanded travel, trade and financial activities.

Defying hardline critics in Congress, President Barack Obama made good on a commitment he made a month ago to begin loosening some U.S. economic sanctions against the communist-ruled island as part of an effort to end decades of hostility.

The Treasury and Commerce Departments issued a package of new rules that will allow U.S. exports of telecommunications, agricultural and construction equipment, permit expanded travel to Cuba and authorize some kinds of banking relations.  Continue reading

Why ignore Cuba’s welcome mat?

Why ignore Cuba’s welcome mat?

By Sir Ronald Sanders 

Havana Cuba

Havana Cuba

CARICOM businesses could be a real part of a bustling Cuban market of 11 million people in the future says Sir Ronald Sanders

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday December 13, 2012 – Cuba has long been an economic, trade and investment opportunity that has been neglected by the 15-nation Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries.  This neglect could become a matter of grave regret as Cuba continues to open up its economy to other countries and groups of countries, for by the time businesses in the CARICOM countries wake up to the opportunities Cuba offers, companies from Europe, Canada and Latin America might already have filled the space.    Continue reading

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