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U.S.A — COVID deniers, anti-vaxers and mask rebels hurt not only themselves — Opinion


They were not quite “bonfires of the vanities,” to borrow from the title of Tom Wolfe’s 1987 satirical novel. They were more like bonfires of the stupid – not the ignorant, just stupid.

Worldwide, four million people have died from the COVID-19 disease caused by the coronavirus and 196 million are infected. In the United States, 627,350 have died and 35.3 million are infected. In Florida, 38,700 have died and 2.5 million are infected – the third highest after California and Texas. In Miami-Dade County, 6,372 have died and 525,000 are infected. In Broward, 3,079 have died and 259,000 are infected. In Palm Beach, 2883 have died and 157,000 are infected.        Continue reading

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