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The PPP is responsible for the militarization of large segments of society – GHK Lall

The PPP is responsible for the militarization of large segments of society

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 16:27  –  Written by  GHK Lall

Today there is loud talk of the militarization of the opposition.  It is part of the mauling of apprehensive supporters, through persistent injections of fear.  This was followed by the comment of “big trouble” brewing; and the bravado of being “battle ready.”  More and more this has progressed beyond the regular stridency of an election campaign, and clearly into the ferocity of war talk from a war party.  Today, however, the focus is on this business about “militarization.”

First, there is this pointed slur against those who have served this country loyally, including during multiple PPP administrations.  To attach sinister motives to their presence in the opposition ranks is not only disturbing, but dangerous.  The concern is self-serving, and ignores conveniently what has grown exponentially in this society under the PPP.  That is, the militarization of this society, through its own policies and actions, and its failures, too.  Continue reading

‘Black Clothes’ police running drug blocks

‘Black Clothes’ police running drug blocks

– Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai tells fiery admin meeting  
 AUGUST 17, 2011 |  KaieteurNews | see comments here

By Dale Andrews

More damning revelations at a fiery senior police administrative meeting are emerging, with Crime Chief Seelall Persaud and his sleuths from the Criminal Investigations Department working overtime to establish the credibility of allegations made.

This newspaper was further informed that revelations of police ranks operating personal drug blocks were made by Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai, prompting Commissioner of Police Henry Greene to order the investigation.
According to a usually reliable source, Merai during his verbal exchanges with the Commissioner, revealed that certain elements of the Tactical Services Unit (TSU), namely the ‘Black Clothes’ anti-crime squads are linked to certain drug blocks in the city and its environs.     Continue reading