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Guyana: The PPP should embrace Constitutional Reform – By Ralph Ramkarran


Posted on March 7, 2015 by  in conversationtree.gy 

Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

This month the PPP celebrates the life of Cheddi Jagan. In preparing to face the electorate, the party will be today invoking his legacy at Babu John. The electioneering mode that will dominate the proceedings and atmosphere at Babu John will seek to build enthusiasm and momentum, which are critical in the electoral battleground of the Corentyne, whose voting may decisively influence the outcome of the elections, as it did in 2011. To recover the votes it lost in 2011 in the Corentyne, the public can expect a colourful rally with robust verbal assaults on the APNU+AFC alliance.

The PPP could have been facing the electorate in completely different circumstances. Displaying a woeful lack of foresight, it sat back and allowed its opponents to unite, rather than keeping them competing for influence, as they had been doing after the elections. The exposure of the Government/Granger Linden electricity deal by the AFC in 2012 comes to mind. Now, the APNU+AFC political alliance threatens the PPP’s hold on political power.   Continue reading

From the Diaspora… OLD HABITS HARD TO DIE – By Ralph Seeram

From the Diaspora… OLD HABITS HARD TO DIE

AUGUST 3, 2014 | BY  –  By Ralph Seeram

ballot boxIt was like an excursion; busloads of PNC supporters travelling from poll station to poll station in Berbice to vote. There was much merriment; everybody was so happy committing election fraud. But who could object, the entire electoral process was controlled by the PNC. It was blatant for all to see that the election was being rigged.

I had suggested to some friends not to waste their time to go voting as they have already voted. Many persons approached me saying they were turned away at the voting booth because they had voted already. On the Corentyne, PPP supporters were desperately trying to ensure that their representatives accompanied the ballot boxes. We know that some were murdered by GDF soldiers in that process.   Continue reading

Time for a radical shift in the sugar belt – By Moses Nagamootoo

Time for a radical shift in the sugar belt

JANUARY 26, 2014 |  By Moses Nagamootoo – AFC Vice-Chairman and Member of Parliament

 The shadows of doom seem to be hanging over the sugar industry. Besides continuing mismanagement and political interference, there is the ominous warning from eminent scholar, Dr. Clive Thomas, that the sugar industry has reached a point of no return, “or alternatively, a negative tipping-point”.

For the 16,000 sugar workers and an estimated 50,000 persons whose lives depend of the industry, this raises the spectre of “bitter sugar” that historically was the root cause for oppression and despair of slaves and bonded workers on the colonial plantations in Guyana.   Continue reading

Coastal flooding from Essequibo Coast to Corentyne – April 28 2013 – updates

Overtopping of Seawall  – video

Gusty Winds propel Coastal flooding from Essequibo Coast to Corentyne

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol    Demerara Waves
Sunday, 28 April 2013 09:53
 Several coastal communities from the Essequibo Coast to the Corentyne were Sunday morning under several inches of floodwater due to extremely high tides worsened by gusty winds, authorities said.Public Works Minister, Robeson Benn confirmed that a drainage sluice (koker) at Windsor Castle, Essequibo Coast has been damaged by the force of the waves. He said a team has been deployed to begin remedial works there.He said the Rupert Craig Highway would remain closed until Monday morning because the next high tide would be at 3 PM Sunday. The height would be 2.94 meters.  Authorities are expected to clean up a thick and slippery sludge is left behind whenever the water recedes.The high tide and closure of the area means that there would not be the usual Sunday evening ‘lime’ on the seawall.On the outskirts of central Georgetown, in the Liliendaal-Blygezight area, residents woke up to several inches of heavily silted coffee brown water in their yards. The Public Works Minister said that although the Liliendaal pump was working, several drains and trenches in the area were blocked preventing the water from running off the land.             Continue reading

President Ramotar lashes out at the opposition – Nagamootoo responds – 2 videos

President Donald Ramotar lashes out at the opposition at Babu John

President Donald Romator used one of the stronghold areas of the ruling party, to lash out at the opposition for what he described as a plot against his party.

He was speaking at the wreath laying ceremony of that party’s founder leader, Cheddi Jagan, at Babu John, Port Mourant .

AFC executive member Moses Nagamootoo responds to PPP – video     Continue reading

Albion strike – GuySuCo faces heavy financial loss – strike ends

GuySuCo faces heavy financial loss

July 25, 2012 | By | …as Albion cane harvesters strike action intensifies

 Another strike has gripped the sugar industry. The sugar workers at Albion Estate continued their strike action yesterday when hundreds of workers, mainly harvesters, supported by some other staff, came out again in their numbers.
And officers from the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) were on the scene in the event of any disruptions by the workers.

More than 500 workers attached to the Albion/Port Mourant Estate on the Corentyne, on Monday intensified strike actions– in its eighth day– to demand a higher price for canes. Workers, mainly cane harvesters, blocked the entrance to the sugar factory on Monday.
They are demanding $4,000 to cut the ‘over-run’ [bad] cane and not $1,600 and $1,800 that are being offered to them at present. A quantity of canes were reportedly left back and not cut during the last crop. This cane is now spoiled and the estate officials do not want to pay the workers the full price for them.  Continue reading

TALL PALM TREE – By Eusi Kwayana

TALL PALM TREE  –  By Eusi Kwayana

Human Star, shining in the east
above the basin of  two rivers
lighting your native land

Reading up to recent times in your bed
you fell asleep
humanly speaking,  but in your creations
you are wide awake
keeping the wisening world aware.
Your Mother, Blessed Orintha
Has a bosom for your cotton –haired, woollen  head to  nest
Though they lay your African body at the Seven Ponds
May they allow something of you
To rest in Lan-Liv-Man,  the village Trinity
Continue reading

Election Day in Berbice draws large turnout

Election Day in Berbice draws large turnout

NOVEMBER 29, 2011 | Kaieteur News

By Leon Suseran

Berbicians came out in very large numbers yesterday, Elections Day, in what appears to be a huge expression of their democratic right. In several communities across East and West Berbice on Election Day there were crowded polling places.
Things were pretty busy in New Amsterdam at the Berbice High School, Berbice Educational Institute and New Amsterdam Multilateral School where large numbers of voters joined lines to exercise their franchise.   Continue reading

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