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Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission: CanGO Medical Team – GoFundMe Donations Request

Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission – CanGO Medical Team for Guyana in 2022
After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, the CanGO medical team will be returning to Guyana in the Fall of 2022 to provide healthcare to the mostly indigenous peoples in the interior of the country. In preparation for this mission, three directors, i.e., Dr. Clare Mitchell (Medical Director), Conrad Joseph (member-at-large) and Yvonne Triesman (President), will be traveling to Guyana in May to meet with officials at the Ministries of Public Health, Foreign Affairs and Indigenous Peoples Affairs. They will also visit Kwakwani (Region 10), Warakaba and Akawini (Region 2).
If you would like to support our Fall medical mission, donations could be made on our GoFundMe page at:
For additional information about our organization (annual reports, pictures, etc.,) please visit our website at www.cangomission.org.
Thank you for your support.

Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission to Guyana – 2015 Report

medical teamCanada-Guyana Outreach Mission

Health Care for Guyana


 Pre-Mission Visits by the Organizing Team

On October 27, Conrad Joseph and Yvonne Joseph Triesman, two members of the Organizing Team of the Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission’s (a.k.a. CanGO) left Toronto for Guyana.  They were preceded by Judith Harrison, another member of the Organizing Team, on October 23. Our task was to finalize plans for the upcoming mission.  Also on the October 27 flight was Marleen (Annie) Joseph, another CanGO member.

The Organizing Team met with Ms. Anyin Choo, Head of the Diaspora Unit and Sophia Darlington, Foreign Officer (both of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Hon. Sydney Allicock.  The Team also met with Mr. Trevor Thomas (Permanent Secretary), Ms. Adams (Deputy Permanent Secretary), and Ms. Leoita Hudson (International Desk) of the Ministry of Public Health.  Discussions centered on CanGO’s vision for Guyana and the healthcare needs of the Guyanese people.   Continue reading

Report of the 2014 Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission

Read report:  Canada- Guyana Outreach Mission – 2014 Mission Report

2014 CanGO Team

2014 CanGO Team – click to enlarge

Report of the 2014 Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission

Dear Donor/Friend:
Once again, on behalf of the Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission (CanGO), I’d like to thank you for your generous donation and/or your support of our mission.  Attached is the final report of this year’s mission to Guyana and and a photo of the 2014 CanGO team shortly after their arrival in Guyana.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

Continue reading

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