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CIA’s Pompeo as Secretary of State Intensifies Risk of US Attack on Iran – says Experts

by Jon Queally, staff writer – Common DreamsAppointing CIA director to lead State Department “furthers a dangerous trend in which Trump is increasingly surrounding himself with foreign policy hawks who fully support his erratic and belligerent foreign policy”

For all the reasons to be concerned about President Trump’s nomination of current CIA director Mike Pompeo to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, experts on Tuesday warn that an increase risk of a U.S.-initiated war with Iran should be at the top of the list.                READ MORE 

Rex Tillerson: hapless, hopeless and tragic. Now his time is up – By Richard Wolffe – The Guardian UK

Tillerson’s tenure was so bad, it prompted some rare bipartisan agreement. So farewell then, Rex

By Richard Wolffe – The Guardian UK

Rex Tillerson was a part-time truth-teller. In one national security meeting, he had the piercing insight and honesty to call Donald Trump “a moron” – possibly an Anglo-Saxon kind of moron. Yet, like his boss, he lacked the self-awareness to know that the same critique applied to himself, as the moron’s secretary-of-state.      Continue reading

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