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U.S./GUYANA: The tragedy of Jonestown, slated for an MGM movie, holds lessons for these times –By Mohamed Hamaludin


“Father” Jim Jones – Jonestown

Forty-three years after the Jonestown tragedy in the South American jungle in which some 950 mostly Americans died, Deadline Hollywood reported on Nov. 8 that MGM Studios is backing a biopic on Jim Jones. Leonard DiCaprio will play Jones and produce the movie, based on a Scott Rosenberg script.

There is certain to be great interest in Jones in these times when comparisons have already been made between him and his followers and former President Donald Trump and his MAGA (Make American Great Again) millions. It is unlikely that the MAGA crowd and their close relatives, the QAnon fanatics, will eventually stage a mass extinction event, however much some people may be wishing for it. But the Jonestown disaster showed that people who are divorced from reality can be motivated to do anything, including violence to themselves and/or others.    Continue reading

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