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China will determine the future of Venezuela – Opinion

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PHOTO: Chinese President Xi Jinping walks next to Venezuela”s President Nicolas Maduro during his welcoming ceremony in Beijing, China September 14, 2018 [File: Reuters]

On January 23, when US-backed opposition leaderJuan Guaido declared himself interim president of Venezuela, he thought deposing President Nicolas Maduro from power would be easy.

He had a simple, three-thronged plan: declare Maduro’s presidency illegitimate by exposing the irregularities in the election that brought him to power, establish a transition government, and hold new elections that would bring the opposition to power.


China praises Jamaica for signing on to Belt And Road Initiative + Video

Plus Video: Ocho Rios To Kingston Edward Seaga Highway

Chinese Ambassador Tian Qi

(Jamaica Gleaner) Chinese Ambassador Tian Qi has praised Jamaica’s decision to sign on to the mammoth Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), saying that it has opened a new era of mutual development and cooperation between the two nations.

Tian said Jamaica was right to join other countries and international organisations in positioning itself to reap rewards from the initiative.

“Looking into the future, I envisage high-quality Belt and Road cooperation in enhancing connectivity by promoting policy synergy, infrastructure development, unimpeded trade, financial cooperation and people-to-people bond, thereby enhancing practical cooperation for the well-being of our peoples,” the ambassador said.    Continue reading

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