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Guyana SPEAKS Event – Chinese in Guyana – ZOOM Meeting – September 26. 2021

Our Chinese Heritage: From Indenture to Present-Day Guyana

EVENT TIME: Sunday, 26th September at 3pm BST / 10am GYT & EDT / 11am ADT.

Please join us for a Guyana SPEAKS event reflecting on the Chinese in Guyana.  It takes place on Sunday, 26th September at 3pm BST / 10am GYT & EDT / 11am ADT.  Our distinguished speakers are: Trev Sue-A-Quan, Dr Laura Hall and Stanley Ming.  They will be covering the period of Chinese indentureship, the fascinating story of Jacob Fung-A-Pan and Abigail Yung She, and talking about the last 30 years of in-migration from China. 

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Chinese: Indentureship: “The Chinese in Guyana” – 2 articles

Chinese: 160th anniversary of the first immigrants to British Guiana.

British Guiana’s immigration: The Chinese experiment

Stabroek News:  Cecilia McAlmont – February 5, 2013  

This edited article was first published by Stabroek News in the History this week series (No 2003/5) on January 30, 2003. It formed Part I of a two-part feature.

By the time the ship Glentanner, on January 12, 1853 disembarked the 262 Chinese labourers, the first of the 13,533 who were eventually to arrive in British Guiana, the local plantocracy had all but won the battle to persuade the colonial authorities that not only the survival of the sugar economy but the survival of civilization in the colony of British Guiana was dependent on their being allowed to import large numbers of immigrants restrained by long indentures. Immigrants from China were to be an integral part of this survival process. Not only were they regarded as equal to the Blacks and superior to the Indian immigrants in their capacity to support the labour of sugar cultivation, but also as part of the entire process which could be used to discipline and control the newly freed Blacks to suit the requirements of the plantation system.    [more]

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