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GUYANA: Economist flags ‘reckless spending’ on infrastructural projects – opinion

Elson Low

– urges stepped-up scrutiny of Amaila Falls

Apr 13, 2022 –Kaieteur News – The current public investment climate in Guyana is worrying to Economist, Elson Low, who believes that the reckless spending of the administration must not be allowed to easily slip by.

In fact, Low believes that one does not need a microscope to see the wrong decisions the government has been making when it comes to spending from the public purse, as several decisions to invest in various infrastructural projects remain controversial. One such example, according to the Economist, is the Amaila Falls Hydropower project. Although the government will not be investing into the project with upfront costs, Guyanese will have to carry the burden of that project, and after 20 years, the ownership would be transferred to Guyana from the Chinese contractor, China Railway First Group.      Continue reading

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