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Guyana Government News Brief December 23, 2015

GINA logoGovernment News Brief December 23, 2015

  1. Guyana Water Authority supplying potable water to many communities that did not have clean water systems for years.
  2. Civil Defence Commission  sets up 24 hour monitoring to track emergencies and act on them promptly.
  3. West Coast Demerara Highway being widened by some 36 Km. Del Conte Road along the eastern Essequibo River also being planned.
  4. Umana Yana building foundation completed. Wai Wai Amerindian tribe to rebuild it shortly. Solar lighting systems as well as water sprinkler systems inside an outside will be installed.    Continue reading

Guyana Government News Brief December 22, 2015

Government News Brief December 22, 2015

  1. Sugar production exceeds its 2015 target by 3,300 tons – Target 227,442 tons.  Actual 230,760 tons.
  2. Government documents processing improved. Passports for Diaspora residents now get passports within two months, a reduction of one month.
  3. Child Care Protection Agency now examining all early childhood schools are care centres to ensure high standards of care for children.
  4. Primary Health Centres  to be improved  at West Demerara, Suddie and Bartica.  Health facilities and management found in degraded condition and work in improved `Health care delivery is advancing steadily.
  5. Legal Training in Guyana – discussion by the Attorney General regarding the training of lawyers locally.