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Guyana: The PPP should embrace Constitutional Reform – By Ralph Ramkarran


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Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

This month the PPP celebrates the life of Cheddi Jagan. In preparing to face the electorate, the party will be today invoking his legacy at Babu John. The electioneering mode that will dominate the proceedings and atmosphere at Babu John will seek to build enthusiasm and momentum, which are critical in the electoral battleground of the Corentyne, whose voting may decisively influence the outcome of the elections, as it did in 2011. To recover the votes it lost in 2011 in the Corentyne, the public can expect a colourful rally with robust verbal assaults on the APNU+AFC alliance.

The PPP could have been facing the electorate in completely different circumstances. Displaying a woeful lack of foresight, it sat back and allowed its opponents to unite, rather than keeping them competing for influence, as they had been doing after the elections. The exposure of the Government/Granger Linden electricity deal by the AFC in 2012 comes to mind. Now, the APNU+AFC political alliance threatens the PPP’s hold on political power.   Continue reading

No place for abuse in political discourse – Ramkarran

No place for abuse in political discourse – Ramkarran

Stabroek editor On March 16, 2013   Comments

Former PPP leading light Ralph Ramkarran has criticized the party’s leaders over abuse heaped on AFC executive Moses Nagamootoo at a remembrance for the Jagans two weeks ago at Port Mourant.

In a column to appear in tomorrow’s Sunday Stabroek, Ramkarran declared that abuse had no place in political discourse and the attacks ran counter to all of the teachings and examples set by the late President Cheddi Jagan.

Ramkarran said that if the party wanted to seriously address the departure of Nagamootoo from the party and its implications then it had to address a number of areas including democratizing and restructuring the party and talking to the opposition.       Continue reading

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