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Muhammad Ali – Documentary – R.I.P.

Muhammad Ali – Documentary  – R.I.P.

This documentary features the early days of his career as Cassius Clay when he trained in Miami. It shows his title fights with Sonny Liston when he captured the Heavyweight Title the first time.

It also highlights the dire state of racial relations in the 1960’s and the effect of Ali especially after his conversion to Islam; and his refusal to enlist to fight in the Vietnam War on religious grounds.

40 Muhammad Ali Inspirational Quotes

 40 Muhammad Ali Inspirational Quotes

40-Muhammad- Quotes1Sportsmen are always the greatest inspirations of humans. It is always said that sports is the most popular source of inspiration to people. Lot of emotion and sentiments are always attached with any sports. As a result the players and athletes are always seen to make inspirational quotes throughout their career and even life. This article is made all about one of the greatest sportsman of the century, Muhammad Ali or his old name Cassius Clay.

You already know that Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer. He is also considered as one of the greatest heavyweight in sport’s history. Later Muhammad Ali became a pop icon and a great figure in sports culture. From very small age he started his career as a professional boxer and his full sports career is full of controversial issues. But still he has proved and took himself to the peak of success. Apart from all these things, Muhammad Ali was very famous for making inspirational quotes and his quotes gathered a lot of popularity all over the world. And don’t forget he always claimed himself as the greatest in the world. Look at the collection below for some of his outstanding pictures with his own quotes.    Continue reading

Muhammad Ali dead at 74: reaction to death of a boxing icon – live

Muhammad Ali dead at 74: reaction to death of a boxing icon – live

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, the three-time heavyweight champion who proclaimed himself “The Greatest”, defied the US government over the Vietnam war, and later became one of the most well-known – and loved – sportsmen in history has died. He was 74.

Ali died late on Friday at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, the family’s spokesperson Bob Gunnell said. His funeral will take place in his home town of Louisville, Kentucky.  Continue reading

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) – interview & documentary – 2 videos

Muhammad Ali  – Wondering Why? Conversion to Islam – Interview

Muhammad Ali – ABC Classic Wide World of Sports Documentary Continue reading

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