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Guyana: ​The story of your Christmas Pepperpot – by Francis Quamina Farrier + music videos

One of Guyana’s popular National Dishes, is the Pepperpot, which has it’s origins in the heart of the hinterlands where many of Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples reside. For many Guyanese, Pepperpot is prepared and consumed mainly at Christmas time, while for others, it is enjoyed all year ’round.
For example, in most hinterland communities and also at the Banks DIH Camp Street Quik Serv, located on the same block with Citizens Bank, which prepares Pepperpot among other dishes every Sunday morning, and the sessions are usually well patronized. Many of the customers turn up after attending their Sunday Morning Service.        Continue reading

Guyanese will have to curb their appetite for “Foreign” goods – Ralph Seeram


JUNE 15, 2014 | BY KNEWS – From the Diaspora…

By Ralph Seeram
Dominating the news this week is the Guyana Government’s concern over the decline in gold production, or to be more exact the decline in gold declarations. The government has discovered that large scale smuggling is responsible for the drop in declarations.
Why is this a surprise? I am sure that the government knew gold smuggling has been going on. The problem is being brought to light now because it’s now hitting the government where it hurts: “in the pocket”.
Low declarations together with declining world prices for gold is robbing the country of valuable foreign currency and increasing the deficit in balance of trade. I spoke about this dependence on gold to drive the economy some time ago, so here’s a repeat of that article.
I picked up the bottle of pepper sauce that said Guyanese Pepper Sauce and bought my brown sugar, (I do not use processed white sugar). I try to buy Guyanese made products, not only out of  Guyanese pride but I know buying Guyanese made products creates jobs for Guyanese while earning export dollars for the country. I would later discover to my surprise the “fine print” said made in Trinidad. Continue reading

CASSAVA DISHES – by Dmitri Allicock


by: Dmitri Allicock


cassavaCassava bread is one of the foods given to the Guyana by the native people (Amerindians) of Guyana. It is traditionally one of the best known and consumed food. Its preparation is extensive work. In the days of difficult travel and trade, it served as a major staple and carbohydrate provider to their diet.

Cassava grows all year long in Guyana and is about the easy crop to cultivate. It is as simple as placing a stem of the cassava plant into well tilled soil. The cassava plant matures in about seven months and is ready for harvesting. Once the cassava root is harvested, it must be peeled; it reveals it’s white under skin, similar to that of a potato but much larger. After washing the peeled cassava, it is grated. The cassava at this point looks like white cheese.

Read complete article:   [CASSAVA DISHES]

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