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Opinion: Who Are You Calling ‘Deplorable’? – By Carolina Landsmann

Opinion:  Who Are You Calling ‘Deplorable’?

Donald Trump’s lies didn’t make him a liar in his voters’ eyes, while in contrast, Hillary Clinton became the face of the liberal lie.

Haaretz | Carolina Landsmann

Opinion - commentary -analysisHad she won, Hillary Clinton could certainly afford to admit in her memoirs that she would rather have achieved her victory against a more “decent” candidate. A candidate befitting her stature, whose defeat would further attest to her greatness.

Because what’s the big deal in beating someone like Trump? Throughout the campaign she appeared to believe it was beneath her to contend against him; that a candidate like her deserved a worthy rival. It was clear in her concession speech that she was in total shock that America had preferred Trump to her. One who thinks Trump embodies everything bad in the world cannot but be offended that he was elected over her.      Continue reading

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