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Book: “Stepping on Cracks: Reflections on my Homeland.” – By Carmen Barclay Subryan

Website: https://demerarapress.com

Congratulations to renowned Guyanese author Carmen Barclay Subryan who recently launched her new website showcasing her new book, “Stepping on Cracks: Reflections on my Homeland.” You can purchase a copy on the website. – https://demerarapress.com


After almost five decades away, Doreen, a retired senior citizen, returns to her birth country to discover whether she could spend the last days of her life in a place that had nurtured her and contributed to the woman she had become. Indeed, she had departed just two years after British Guiana had received its independence from Great Britain, lowered the Union Jack, raised the Golden Arrowhead, renamed itself Guyana, and set out to chart its path as a cooperative republic.      Continue reading