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Caribbean Life News Update – 19 October 2016

Caribbean Life News Update  – 19 October 2016  Caribbean Life

Guyanese playw­right donates audio equip­ment to folk group


The Guyana Cultural Associ­ation, NY, organ­izers of the Annual Folk Festival will now produce quality stage plays and dinner theater events, thanks to state-of-the-art audio equip­ment donated by legen­dary playw­right and journ­alist, Derrick John Jeffery, who traveled from Luk Lam Ka, Thailand to make the presen­tation on Oct. 15.

Corpor­ations dodge billions in taxes through offshore tax havens


European regulators’ recent finding that Apple avoided billions of dollars in taxes by stashing its profits in Ireland, a known tax haven, put the tech giant in an unwel­come spotl­ight. But Apple’s tax dodging is just the tip of a huge iceberg of offshore corpo­rate tax avoid­ance.

Brooklyn Borough prez honors heroes

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