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OPINION: Reimagining the Caribbean Diaspora: diversity, equity and inclusion – by Lear Matthews

 by Lear Matthews

 This article focusses on the English speaking Caribbean Diaspora’s experience within the context of diversity, equity and inclusion in the aftermath of recent societal unrest and institutional realignment in the United States. Informed by a concern for social justice and cross-cultural dynamics, this writer unpacks how this population has been affected by the burden of racism and xenophobia. It highlights a continuation of courageous conversations on the topic (See Guyanese Online: February 20-21, 2021).             Continue reading

Micro-aggression and the Caribbean Diaspora: A Perspective – By Lear Matthews

Micro-aggression and the Caribbean Diaspora: A Perspective

By Lear Matthews

There is a dimension of the immigrant experience that has not received much attention.  Micro-aggression is a concept used by psychologists to describe a phenomenon in multi ethnic societies such as the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. According to Derald Wing Sue and colleagues, micro aggressions can be defined as, “brief and common place daily verbal, behavioral and environmental indignities, intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory or negative slights and insults to the target person or group”.

Micro-aggression may be an expression of contempt, fear, power, self-defense, implicit bias or discrimination. It may also signify a lack of knowledge of a particular group of people. The author will examine this phenomenon as it relates to the English speaking Caribbean Diaspora, with implications for the wider immigrant community. Personal narratives are used to highlight examples and consequences of micro-aggression. An in-depth, empirical-based study on the topic is forthcoming.   Continue reading

The View from Europe: The Windrush Generation – By David Jessop

The View from Europe: The Windrush Generation

By David Jessop – April 20. 2018

RE: Treatment of Caribbean: undocumented migrants to the UK

David Jessop

For years now, Caribbean high commissioners, activists, church organisations and community oriented Caribbean companies have been raising with the British government and parliamentarians the shocking way in which undocumented members of the Caribbean Diaspora who came to Britain between 1948 and 1971 have been treated.

This has involved in the absence of proof of citizenship, the British authorities denying individuals of Caribbean origin medical care and pensions, and in some cases holding them in custody pending deportation. This was despite their demonstrable contribution to British society and lifelong residence in Britain.    Continue reading

Guyana born Scholar Dr. Ivelaw Griffith gets Prestigious Recognition

Guyana born Scholar Dr. Ivelaw Griffith gets Prestigious Recognition

Dr. Ivelaw Griffith

Dr. Ivelaw Griffith

Washington, DC – December 2015: The 2015 William J. Perry Award for Excellence in Security and Defense Education recently honored Dr. Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, one of the world’s leading scholars on Caribbean defense and security issues at the National Defense University. Named after the Center’s founder, former U.S. Secretary of Defense Dr. William J. Perry, the Perry Award is presented annually to individuals and institutions making significant contributions in the fields of security and defense education. Awardees are selected for achievements in promoting education, research, and knowledge-sharing in defense and security issues in the Western Hemisphere. (Director, Mr. Mark Wilkins. The Dean of Academic Affairs presented the award)

Dr. Griffith’s has years of service as a scholar, author, and educational leader, his teaching and innovative research have informed a generation of policymakers and practitioners and enabled the advancement of an international and cooperative environment for security among nations throughout the Caribbean Diaspora.   Continue reading

The Indo-Caribbean Experience: Now and Then – by Elizabeth Jaikaran

The Indo-Caribbean Experience: Now and Then

by Elizabeth Jaikaran

The Indo-Caribbean Experience: Now and Then

To be precise, I am an Indo-Guyanese-American: The mother of all hyphenated identities and an illustration of a historic journey from India to the Caribbean. This heritage is commonly packaged in a number of different terms, all of which are heavily used as referential identifiers: Indo-Guyanese. Indo-Caribbean. Caribbean. West Indian. Indian. It is most aptly described as the Indo-Caribbean experience—an experience that is shared by Indians living throughout the Caribbean diaspora and thus serving as the blueprint for my existence.

This unique cultural disposition is why the Indo-Caribbean are able to culturally identify with public figures ranging from Hasan Minhaj to Nicki Minaj. It is why bursts of Caribbean intonation in Rihanna’s voice blanket me in the comfort of home, while the ballads of A.R. Rahman awaken pained demons within me, crying to connect with a history that was ripped from my hands long before I was born.

Continue reading

Caribbean Week in New York – June 3 to 9 2012

Caribbean Week 2012


 Events Take Place June 3 – 9 for Ministers, Directors of Tourism, Consumers & Media

NEW YORK, NY (March 29, 2012) — Caribbean Week in New York will take place June 3-9, 2012 as a celebration of the sights, sounds, color and culture of the region.   Combined with meetings and seminars for Ministers of Tourism, Directors of Tourism, National Tourist Office representatives and other key tourism and hospitality officials from the around the Caribbean, the week of activities will also promote unique vacation experiences to consumers at a day-long event at New York’s celebrated Grand Central Terminal as well as stage the annual Media Marketplace which draws travel writers from across North America.

Artists, performers, celebrity chefs, fashion designers, models, investors and other strategic partners join government officials and the media as all converge on New York for a week that showcases the diversity and vibrancy of the region and offers Caribbean vacations at super special prices available only during Caribbean Week.

Organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization, Caribbean Week in New York combines business sessions and consumer-oriented events with food, fashion, entertainment and networking opportunities.  The week begins with a Gospel Celebration and culminates with the much anticipated Caribbean Fashion, Art and Trade Expo. Continue reading