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THE HOATZIN – A bird without rules – By Dmitri Allicock

 Hoatzin bird


A bird without rules

By Dmitri Allicock

The National Bird of Guyana, and a story to tell

An evolutionary mystery with that strange smell

Redolent of cow manure, the Canje Pheasants are

A clumsy bird in flight, shape and origin, bizarre

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Steamers of British Guiana – by Dmitri Allicock

Sprostons Dry Dock of October 26, 1867

Sprostons Dry Dock of October 26, 1867

Steamers of British Guiana

And so have disappeared over the horizon that regal age of the Steamers of Guyana, what some of us might have experienced and also what our fore-parents spoke so fondly of.

By Dmitri Allicock

The cautious introduction of steam propulsion to vessels in British Guiana brought the golden age of sailing ships and the reliance on the currents of the wind to an end in the 1800s and launched an era of both commercial and passenger steamships in early Guyana.

The steamer service in Guyana dates back to the early 19th century when the colonial government contracted a few privately-owned steamers to provide transportation for commuters and for shipping of produce.
The first official documentation of a steamer service can be traced to the establishment of a Local Steamer Navigation Company, which appears to have been founded in 1825. This company commenced operations in 1826 with the Cambria, an immigrant ship, which was purchased for the sum of $50,000.

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Royal Tour 1958: “Princess Margaret in British Guiana” – 2 videos

Royal Tour 1958: “Princess Margaret in British Guiana” – 2 videos

Royal visit: Princess Margaret 1958

Video #1/2  – no sound

Arrival of “Britannia” aircraft at Atkinson Air Field. Princess Margaret leaves the aircraft and is greeted by Governor Sir Patrick Renison. Fanfare of trumpets is sounded. Various shots of crowds, many waving Union Jack flags. Various shots of Princess waving to spectators. Presentations of VIPs – Acting Financial Secretary, his wife and Dr. Cheddie Jagan (leader of People’s Progressive Party, Ministry of Trade and Industry). Shots of Mrs. Jagan (Minister of Labour, Health and Housing).            Continue reading