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COMMEMORATING CANADA: A Personal Journey – By Cyril Dabydeen

COMMEMORATING CANADA: A Personal Journey – By Cyril Dabydeen

Written in June 2017 for CONFLUENCE Magazine – August 2017 – Page 3

My sense of being Canadian is marked every year on July 1 when Ottawa –the nation’s capital– where I’ve lived for four decades becomes a transformed city. This year marks the special 150th commemoration from the time of Confederation in 1867 when the country declared “Dominion Day” codified in the British North America Act. Then Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick became politically unified; later, the prairie and western coast became part of the Dominion via the Canadian Pacific Railway.     Continue reading

CANADA and the USA – by Gerry Boley

CANADA and the USA –  by Gerry Boley

Americans shouldn’t take for granted their friendly neighbor to the north

canada-usa flagFrom the Buffalo News – by Gerry Boley.

Misconceptions in the United States about Canada are quite common. They include: there is always snow in Canada; Canadians are boring, socialists and pacifists; their border is porous and allowed the Sept. 11 terrorists through; or, as the U.S. Ottawa embassy staff suggested to Washington, the country suffers from an inferiority complex. With Canada Day and America’s Independence Day just past, this is a great time to clarify some of these misconceptions and better appreciate a neighbour that the United States at times takes for granted.

With the exception of the occasional glacier, skiing in Canada in the summer just isn’t happening. Frigid northern winters, however, have shaped the tough, fun-loving Canadian character. When it is 30-below, the Canucks get their sticks, shovel off the local pond and have a game of shinny hockey. Continue reading

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