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Looking back… How a Guyanese ‘discovered’ Sparrow

Looking back… How a Guyanese ‘discovered’ Sparrow – [2009 article]

Stabroek News – Oluatoyin Alleyne On March 7, 2009Comments

It was 1955 when a then struggling Guyanese promoter met a young Trinidadian by the name of Slinger Francisco   and on a whim decided to include him in his group that was about to tour the interior.

Sparrow, today

That whim proved to be very profitable for the Guyanese as we all know that Slinger, better known as the Mighty Sparrow eventually became one of the best known names in the calypso world…..  Sparrow, today in picture(r)

That Guyanese was Cyril Shaw who later became Sparrow’s manager andwent on many tours with him around the world.

Today Shaw, who is 87, finds if difficult to remember those days as his memory is failing him but his wife Bhanmattie Shaw, who went on some of the tours, recently told The Scene “those days were fantastic days.”   Continue reading

Top Tracks for Byron Lee – 76 music videos – autoplay

Byron Lee and the Dragonaires

Byron Lee and the Dragonaires (known as Byron Lee’s Dragonaires since Lee’s death) are a Jamaican skacalypso and soca band. The band played a crucial pioneering role in bringing Caribbean music to the world. Byron Lee died on 4 November 2008, after a long battle with cancer.

The band was originally formed around 1950 by Byron Lee and his friend Carl Brady, taking its name from the St. George’s Collegefootball team that they played for.[1][2] The band originally played mento, and performed their first shows in the college common room to celebrate the team’s victories.[1]      Continue reading

Eddy Grant – 73 top songs/videos – continuous play

Eddy Grant –  73 top videos – continuous play

About Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant stands among an elite group of artists as one who has not just merely moved successfully across the musical spectrum, but has actually been at the forefront of genres and even created one of his own. From pop star to reggae radical, musical entrepreneur to the inventor of ringbang, the artist has cut a swath through the world of music and made it his own.

Born in Plaisance, Guyana, on March 5, 1948, the young Edmond Grant grew up on the sound of his homeland, tan singing, an Indo-Caribbean vocal style whose roots lay in South Asia and are the backbone of modern chutney. Then in 1960, the Grant family emigrated to England, taking up residence in the working-class Stoke Newington area of London. The young teen’s musical horizons swiftly expanded, embracing the R&B, blues, and rock that percolated across his new island home.    [read more About Eddy Grant ]

Read: Eddy Grant in Wikipedia.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddy_Grant

First Annual Los Angeles Culture Festival – June 28-30, 2012

Celebrate the:
First Annual Los Angeles Culture Festival

In Hollywood, California on June 28, 29, & 30, 2012

(Los Angeles, California — Thursday, March 15, 2012)

Regulaz Entertainment, Inc. is proud to announce the 1st Annual Los Angeles Culture Festival, three (3) days of events featuring the unique tradition of “Carnival! Caribbean Style!” This celebration of our Caribbean culture will feature splendid colorful costumes, various island culinary dishes, arts & crafts, and pulsating rhythms of Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Chutney, Kompas, Zouke, Punta, Meringue, and Steel-band music.

Additionally, as our community celebrates Caribbean Heritage Month, there will be special tribute to The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, the mecca of all Caribbean Carnivals, as they are about to celebrate their 50th Anniversary of Independence.   Continue reading



Gene Lawrence is one of the finest Caribbean musicians/entertainers.
His one-man show ranges through his unique interpretations of “ol’ time calypsos”, his own calypsoes and ballads.

His HISTORY OF PAN encapsulates the birth and growth of the steelband and the caypsoes that it spawned.

Continue reading

Notting Hill Carnival – West London – 2011

Not a looter in sight! Notting Hill Carnival sees hundreds of thousands on the streets for Europe’s biggest festival 

  • Scotland Yard puts a record 6,500 officers on duty in first big test since the riots
  • Police make 214 arrests but say two-day event has been ‘very peaceful’


Last updated at 9:43 AM on 30th August 2011

They came in their hundreds of thousands to dance and have a good time, Rio de Janeiro-style.

And yesterday revellers let their hair down in style at the Notting Hill Carnival in West London, with drumming groups, floats and sound systems all taking centre stage.

More than 6,500 police officers patrolled the streets for the second day of the event yesterday as Scotland Yard continued its unprecedented security operation just weeks after the riots.

Read full report with pictures here:


Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Festival – formerly “Caribana”

Here are two video clips highlighting the event held every year in Toronto. The first Caribana was held in 1967 to celebrate Canada’s Centennial.  It is now the largest such event in North America.

Video 1– This is the Official Promo Music Video for the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Festival held in July-August every year.

Video 2- An earlier travel video featuring “Caribana” shows the large crowd of revelers and spectators, over one million, at this event.

Time to decide where we stand on Caribana

Time to decide where we stand on Caribana

Posted by Arnold A. Auguste on Thursday, May 26th, 2011 in Share News –Caribana News  Opinion

By ARNOLD A. AUGUSTE, Publisher/Editor – Share News

In a recent conversation, Denise Herrera-Jackson, the CEO of the Festival Management Committee (FMC), the organization which has run the Caribana festival for the past five years, told me that the FMC’s aim is to wean the festival off of the City of Toronto’s funding. She said her organization is working to attract sponsors for the festival which will make it less dependent on the city.

While it is a great idea to work on attracting more sponsors – and there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to do so since any other event of Caribana’s size and draw would be an advertiser’s dream – the comment just serves to underscore the fact that they, and just about everyone else who has ever been involved with Caribana, still see the city’s financial contribution as a grant, as funding, as a gift. It is not and should not be perceived as such. It must be seen as an investment in a festival which brings in a massive return – to the city, the province, the federal government and to all the hotels, restaurants and other businesses which benefit from the more that $450-million the festival injects into the economy each year.

Funding is for community organizations such as those helping new immigrants settle into the country; groups working to house and otherwise assist the poor; groups working with youth, especially youth from disadvantaged areas of the city or seniors; groups which provide services that governments, unable to provide themselves, fund to help meet the social and even cultural needs, especially of the disadvantaged. Or those huge feel-good events – such as Luminato – which make a big show but generate little by way of economic impact.
But, not a festival such as Caribana.              Continue reading


THE MERRYMEN  ~ Drink Ah Rum

One of the old time calypsos for Christmas sung by the Merrymen of Barbados  … a truly Caribbean title ” “Drink ah Rum”.

You can also listen to other Christmas songs that follow…

Tradewinds – Dave Martins – 3 videos

Tradewinds – Dave Martins Pt 1 of 3

Tradewinds – Dave Martins, Live on stage in Guyana……..Created by DJ Getbusy


Live in guyana….”Not a blade of grass & Is we Own”……..  .created by dj getbusy


Live in Guyana…Tradewinds – Dave Martins Pt 2 of 3 “Copy Cat”