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Cricket: Time to Put the Paying Spectator First at Test Matches – By Mike Atherton,

— By Mike Atherton, Chief Cricket Correspondent | The Times UK

About 10,000 England supporters saw the win in Cape Town but more could be done to improve the live experience

After the fourth day of the recent Cape Town Test, I found myself among a group of England supporters. The talking point of the day was the dismissal of Dean Elgar, given out caught behind towards the end of play, as a result of a review to technology. Whether for reasons of eyesight, or seating position in the ground, not many of those to whom I spoke had seen the replays on the one big screen which was situated above the brewery stand.

Understandably, they were keen to know a little more. Had Elgar hit the ball? How does the “ultra-edge” technology work? Why did the third umpire uphold the on-field decision? It reminded me again that for all the thousands of pounds spent on going to watch live cricket, the viewer at home, enjoying the sport in the comfort of his living room, often gets more information than those in the ground.        Continue reading

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