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Virtual Schools are booming – Who’s paying attention? – Politico Magazine

Virtual Schools are booming – Who’s paying attention?

Millions of kids, some as young as 5, now get their schooling online. Just one problem: Nobody knows how well it works.

By Darren Samuelsohn

My nephew’s senior year in high school is already different from mine in any number of ways—the iPhones, the Facebook account, an online encyclopedia of college essay ideas. But perhaps most astonishing is what I realized only after I talked to him about his daily routine: just how little time he’s physically in a school.

This semester, he’s taking two of his classes virtually, and even for the rest, so much of his coursework is done on the Web that he rarely needs to go into the building. By the time he graduates next year, he’ll have logged nearly a full semester’s worth of credits from completely virtual classes.  Continue reading

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