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Opinion…Race and politics: Guyana’s two disastrous hurricanes

Opinion…Race and politics: Guyana’s two disastrous hurricanes

For decades now, once there was a destructive hurricane heading for the Caricom islands, a satirical wind would blow all over Guyana, whether in the rum shop, municipal market, at home at the lunch table or anyway where Guyanese are gathered. And it would go like this; “We don’t get natural disasters, only man-made ones.”

That would be followed up with the words: “Those people will recover, but our man-made hurricane won’t go away.”     Continue reading

Clive Thomas the intellectual and activist – By Nigel Westmaas

Clive Thomas the intellectual and activist

February 23, 2015 · By Nigel Westmaas – Nigel Westmaas teaches at Hamilton College

Clive Thomas

Clive Thomas

Any attempt to analyze or summarize the vast repertoire of Clive Thomas’s work in a single article is a daunting task. For over five decades the academic and political contributions of Thomas, who retired from the University of Guyana at the end of 2014, have helped shape intellectual and economic thinking in the Caribbean and beyond. More specifically, as economist, trade unionist, and politician, Thomas has contributed immensely to the political and social landscape of his native Guyana.

In the DiasporaThe contours and impact of Thomas’s overall work; his contribution to regional thinking not only in “third world” economics but the global economy and its operations; and his forthright support of the working class and the poor and the powerless in Guyana and the region are enormous.   Continue reading

Walter Rodney Inquiry – concerns raised by GHRA and PNC

Rodney Commission is “worst form of electioneering,” can whip up racial tension- GHRA

Thursday, 06 March 2014 13:52

The Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) on Thursday dissociated itself from the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI) , saying it was possibly designed to whip up East Indian bitterness against the Peoples National Congress (PNC) and appeared to be the “worst form” of electioneering by the incumbent administration.

That rights organisation took issue with one of the Terms of Reference that requires the three-member commission to investigate the extent to which the many quasi-political military organizations existing in Guyana at the time of Rodney’s death, were tasked with surveillance against the ‘political opposition’, rather than against his Working Peoples Alliance (WPA)Continue reading

Rodney inquiry – commentary

Rodney inquiry

Dr. Walter RodneyMarch 9, 2014 · Stabroek News – Editorial
The government received justified commendation for announcing last year that a commission of inquiry would be held into the death of Dr Walter Rodney in 1980. Never mind that it has taken two decades for it to reach this point, or that key potential witnesses, not the least of whom is Gregory Smith, are now beyond the reach of earthly interrogation. 
It is unfortunate, of course, that this is likely to be an election year of some variety or other, and the possibility that an inquiry might be seized on for partisan purposes in an election campaign cannot be dismissed out of hand. That said, however, in and of itself there is no reason why 2014 should be ruled out as the year for holding the inquiry if it is handled in a straightforward way.   Continue reading

Martin Luther King Jr., Walter Rodney and Guyanese East Indians

This article mentions an article by Moses Bhagwan.  Here it is:   Being Indian in Guyana- The challenges – Moses Bhagwan   < click

Martin Luther King Jr., Walter Rodney and Guyanese East Indians


The week just gone has marked the 50th anniversary of the famous speech of Martin Luther King Jr. that has been given the title, “I Have a Dream.” The world got to see the video as the US celebrated the 50th anniversary of the march and speech. What was clear for all eyes to see was the multi-racial attendance when King spoke. There were lots of white folks in attendance.

Part of the problem Martin Luther King Jr. had with the Black Panther Party was over that same issue. He never gave up hope that white folks would come around one day to accepting that there was white racism in America and the US must confront it as a united people. In multi-racial nations, groups discriminated against run the risk of alienating large sections of the population if they succumb to the dogma that it is their struggle and their struggle is best left for them to see it through.    Continue reading

Govt. accused of ‘vicious political assault on UG’

Govt. accused of ‘vicious political assault on UG’


….several lecturers threatened with marching orders/termination  

The University of Guyana Workers’ Union through action spearheaded by its Chairman Bruce Haynes and Vice Chairman Frederick Kissoon and others, are seeking to fend off what the body calls “the most vicious political assault on the University since its birth.”
The assault, according to the Union members, entails the unlawful dismissal of several University lecturers.
Sources close to the wrangling state that while no individual has so far been named it is believed that the targets of the attack would be persons perceived to be sympathetic to the political opposition.     Continue reading

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