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Guyana: The society is losing its menfolk…+ migration editorial

Guyana: The society is losing its menfolk, and fast


One of the cries I hear almost every day is that there are no jobs for young people. At the same time I am often besieged by applications for employment. And indeed it is true that many young school leavers simply cannot find jobs.

Most of the businesses are in the private sector and these people are more interested in the bottom line, so they hire the barest minimum of people.  With the construction boom, people also gain employment. In fact, some contractors complain that they cannot find enough labourers. They also say that they have a hard time finding semi-skilled labour.

So there are jobs, but there are simply not enough people to accept them, because the school system does not actually prepare people for skilled labour. I chatted with some educationists and they all say that the education system is heavily academic. The result is that those children who are not academically inclined simply drop out.  Continue reading