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NYC – Green Design Has More Impact When Local Residents Are Involved

Green Design Has More Impact When Local Residents Are Involved in the Planning Process
Sunday, 03 January 2016 – By Eilís O’Neill, Earth Island Journal | Report

New York City Boroughs Map

New York City Boroughs Map – Click to enlarge

Raindrops are falling slow and heavy on the concrete walkways, children’s playgrounds, and brick, V-shaped apartment buildings of the Bronx River Houses, one of New York City’s largest housing projects. But today’s rain won’t slide off the roofs, walkways, and hard-packed lawns into the Bronx River across the street. Instead, it will gather in the project’s bioswales, rain gardens, enhanced tree pits, and blue roofs, which together can capture 32,000 gallons of water.

Unlike the monotonous lawns and ordered trees that characterize the landscaping here and at other housing projects, the rain gardens add a splash of yellow, a spray of white flowers, and an explosion of bushiness. “With the installation of the rain gardens came a lot more foliage which brightens up the area,” says David Shuffler, who grew up four blocks from here. Shuffler works with many residents of the Bronx River Houses in his role as executive director of the Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, headquartered across the street. “People enjoy how it looks. It adds a lot of color,” he says.   Continue reading

For the Price of One! Corsbie, Jailall, Farrier – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

For the Price of One! Corsbie, Jailall, Farrier – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine


Some members of the ‘3 Ah We’ program in Brooklyn, New York.

‘The Seawall in Guyana is extremely important,’ says Ken Corsbie, ‘ because a quarter of the population was conceived there!’ Ken Corsbie was in his element. The Sunday afternoon crowd in Brooklyn was prepared to be entertained and Corsbie was working his magic.

There was this one about the School Inspector in Arima, Trinidad.  As he entered the class the teacher asked the students, ‘ who knocked down the walls of Jericho?’ Now this was no ordinary question. One student said it wasn’t him, why would he knock down the walls of Jericho? The Inspector and Principal couldn’t agree on how to discipline the student. When the Inspector kept insisting that the student must know who broke down the wall of Jericho the Principal decided to step in and save the day. He said, ‘ Okay, tell me how much the wall cost and I will pay for it!’   Continue reading

Settlement Patterns of Guyanese Immigrants in New York: A Perspective – By Lear Matthews

Settlement Patterns of Guyanese Immigrants in New York: A Perspective

By Lear Matthews

New York City Boroughs Map

New York City Boroughs Map

Reaction to the recent announcement by the president of the United States on the status of millions of immigrants is quite revealing.  What has been a topic of some national importance has become a highly charged, simmering social issue churned by politics, economics and sentiments relating to ethnocentric ideals. The outcome of the Executive Action will affect some Caribbean immigrants among others, but a few who are eligible, may be understandably hesitant to take advantage of correcting their undocumented status.

This article does not address the ramifications of the president’s administrative relief. However, because the topic of immigration is on the front burner, this is an opportune time to share an important dimension of Guyanese immigrants’ experience, i.e. their settlement patterns in New York, particularly since they comprise the 5th largest immigrant group in New York City (Jamaicans being the 4th largest).  Continue reading

Rising Star: Guyana-born Lisa Punch – How Will I Know (Week One) – TV Video

Rising Star: Lisa Punch – How Will I Know (Week One)

Published on Jun 22, 2014

Host Josh Groban, along with an expert panel of musicians including Brad Paisley, Kesha and Ludacris, welcomed the first set of hopefuls in a brand new singing competition called Rising Star. In the premiere episode on June 22, ten hopefuls battled it out with the dream that your instant votes would send them through to the next round.
Continue reading

Guyana-Born: 5th Largest Immigrant Group in NYC

Guyana-Born: 5th Largest Immigrant Group in NYC

New York City Boroughs Map

New York City Boroughs Map

News Americas, New York, NY, Dec. 19, 2013:

What do the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, Guyana, Ecuador, Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago all have in common? Nationals from these nations all make up the top eight immigrant groups in the Big Apple.

According to the latest ‘Newest New Yorkers Immigration Report,’ released by New York City’s out-going Mayor, Mike Bloomberg Wednesday (Dec 18), the city’s immigrants have reached new peak at more than 3 million residents with the majority being from the Caribbean and Latin America.  Continue reading

Guyanese living in the US relive flooding …. by “Sandy”

Guyanese living in the U.S. relive… The day Sandy stormed the East Coast!

Written by Tangerine Clarke

November 4, 2012  – Guyana Chronucle

GUYANESE are a resilient people who have experienced their fair share of floods in their respective home villages and towns. They know well how to wade through water with buckets on their heads, and to wait out a flood high on their rooftops. But the impact of Hurricane Sandy was nothing they could have ever imagined.

altDeborah Barocas outside her apartment building

They were among the eight million people left stranded in the New York Tri-State area, without electricity and cell-phone among other key services, as they squared their shoulders to deal with the devastating floodwaters that wreaked havoc in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island and New Jersey.
The very graphic and gut-wrenching images speak volumes, as they tell of the chaos that followed the arrival of the ‘super-storm’, which made landfall on Monday, October 29; a chaos that is still being felt now almost a week on by way of railway shutdowns, power outages, road closures, and massive flooding.
Thankfully, no Guyanese was reported missing or dead, considering the horrific fires in the  Breezy Point area of Queens, which flattened 111 houses, leaving in their wake hundreds homeless.   [more]

Caribbean Nationals feeling the impact of Sandy

November 1, 2012 – News Americas

The new Barclays Center, on Flatbush Avenue, in Brooklyn, New York, became a hub for Brooklynites on Thursday November 1, 2012, to get to Manhattan, by shuttle buses, due to Super storm Sandy, which flooded the tunnels in downtown Manhattan, shutting down subways. Brooklynites stood in line from about 45 mins to over an hour to get to work on one of the shuttle buses that took them across the Manhattan Bridge into mid-town Manhattan. (Photo: Hayden Roger Celestin)

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 2, 2012: Super Storm Sandy has dissipated but the impact on Caribbean Diaspora nationals in the Northeastern United States and the nationals of Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, The Bahamas and the DR continues to be felt.  Continue reading

St. Joseph, St. Rose’s; St. Stanislaus – Labor Day Jam Sept. 1 – Brooklyn. NYC

Alunmi Associations Dance – September 3 – Brooklyn. NY

BHS and QC Alumni New York – Labor Day Sunday Jam – Sept 4

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