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Britain’s Followership Problem – By Bagehot | The Economist

Britain’s Followership Problem

A lack of leadership is not the country’s only difficulty

Bagehot | The Economist

Back in 1997 Warren Bennis, a management guru, invited this columnist, who then had the onerous job of reporting on California, to a soirée in his house on Santa Monica beach to discuss the evergreen topic of leadership.

A junior guru presented a paper on how today’s leaders needed all sorts of touchy-feely qualities such as empathy. Yours truly annoyed everyone by arguing that Margaret Thatcher had been a pretty good leader without knowingly engaging in empathy. Then Peter Drucker, speaking in a heavy Viennese accent and dressed in a three-piece suit, threw his own hand-grenade. “I don’t know why people are so fixated on the subject of leadership,” he said, or words to that effect. “What we really need to think about is followership.”      Continue reading

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