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Guyana Politics: PPP/C launches election campaign for 2020 polls

Hundreds of its supporters, decked in red shirts with PPP/C logos, shouted and screamed for party frontbenchers Bharrat Jagdeo, Irfaan Ali and Mark Phillips.

There are several notable mentions. ………  Bishop Juan Edghill gave an impassioned, sermon-like speech, addressing a stigma on the PPP/C from some sections of the public that it may not be a party welcoming to African Guyanese. He stressed a firm rebuke for those aspersions on the reputation of the PPP/C, then went on to list a number of African Guyanese party members as proof that it is welcoming.            Continue reading

Guyana’s Sovereignty over the Cuyuni River – By Odeen Ishmael

Guyana’s Sovereignty over the Cuyuni River –  Guyana-Venezuela relations…

odeen– By Odeen Ishmael

During September 2015 when Venezuela flexed its military muscles near the border with Guyana, that country’s military patrol boats blatantly breached Guyana’s sovereignty by traversing the Cuyuni River at locations between its junctions with the Acarabisi River (to the east) and the Wenamu River (to the west). Guyana owns this entire section of the Cuyuni River which forms part of the border with Venezuela.

On September 23, the head of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Brigadier Mark Phillips, confirmed that the Venezuelans were using military boats in the Cuyuni River to shuttle troops between the village of San Martin on the northern bank to the Venezuelan-occupied Guyanese section of Ankoko Island. This action, he emphasized, was “an affront to our sovereignty.”   Continue reading

BREAKING: Venezuela building up troops near Guyana border

BREAKING: Venezuela building up troops near Guyana border

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 –  by  Denis Scott Chabrol – Demerara Waves

Granger - MaduroPhoto: Guyana’s President David Granger and the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro

President David Granger on Tuesday said Venezuela was building up troops near the border with Guyana.

“We have recently received reports that Venezuela has been making extraordinary military deployments in eastern Venezuela, that is western Guyana, which seem to be impacting on Guyana’s territorial defence,” he told reporters.

He said he and top security chiefs were meeting Tuesday to craft a response.  Continue reading

No unlawful action should be taken against law-abiding citizens – Granger urges police, army

No unlawful action should be taken against law-abiding citizens – Granger urges police, army

November 13, 2014 · By Stabroek News editor ·  Comment    1

David Granger

David Granger

Leader of the Opposition, David Granger has called on the heads of the police force and army not to allow their forces to be drawn into “unlawful actions” against law-abiding citizens.

The statement today came on the eve of a rally by APNU and the AFC set for tomorrow at the Square of the Revolution and what Granger said was signs of stepped up training by the police force in the city.

Granger’s statement follows:   Continue reading

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