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GUYANA: The Story Within The Story… A looming immigrant crisis?

Kaieteur News – In the next few years, the country will be unrecognizable, especially when it comes to demographics.

The Venezuela crisis has pushed hundreds of thousands of residents of that oil-rich country elsewhere.

We have received, it is estimated, in excess of 50,000 of them here with a community established in Region One.

The figures would not take into account the number of returning Guyanese. Hundreds of them have come back home with hopes of reversing their dire financial situation.        Continue reading

Is Lincoln Lewis the Black version of White fascism? -By Freddie Kissoon

Freddie Kissoon | Features / Columnists Kaieteur News

I read Lincoln Lewis column in last Sunday’s Kaieteur News and the first question that flashed through my mind was if I was the editor for that day, would I have carried that piece? I probably would not.

As I kept reading this commentary all I could have thought of was how easy it is to fall prey to the virus of misplaced nationalism. Lewis’s presentation is directly out of the songbook of white fascism that is sweeping Europe and the USA. When you read Lewis, you wonder if he was in fact plagiarizing the words of the Trump, the Brexit advocates in the UK and those who presently rule Italy, Hungary and other countries that are implementing fascist xenophobia.          

Lincoln Lewis has been a friend for more than forty years. I didn’t expect that state of mind from him. I would never have thought that Lincoln could use the kind of canvas he painted to describe foreigners coming to Guyana to live and work.        Continue reading

Brazilian Air show brings love to Guyana’s sky + video

Brazilian Air show brings love to Guyana’s sky

Demerara Waves – Sunday, 24 March 2013 18:11

Sunday afternoon, March 24, 2013, was a time of Love in the sky as friends, families, relatives and other loved ones flocked the Kitty Seawall for the Brazilian Squadron air-show.

That was one of the activities to observe the 100th anniversary of civil aviation in Guyana.                          Continue reading

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