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Guyana History: Fogarty’s Clerk 83 at 83 – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Fogarty’s Clerk 83 at 83 – by Francis Quamina Farrier.

William Fogarty Store. Georgetown Guyana

In more recent times, I have been approached by younger citizens seeking information about some matter or happening of the past. While there are books with some of Guyana’s history, there is certainly not enough.

For example, while there is a comprehensive book on the history of Theatre in Guyana by Frank Thomasson, it does not mention that at Guyana National Drama Festivals and the Sugar Estates Drama Festivals of the past, never had adjudicators who were involved with any of the groups which they had to adjudicate.        Continue reading

Guyana: Old Georgetown, British Guiana – pictures

OLD GEORGETOWN, British Guiana

Note: These pictures were submitted by a subscriber. We do not know who wrote the comments… they know old cars. Must bring back memories for the “old folks”.


  • I observe the cars of the day- Morris Minor, Austin Cambridge, Morris Oxford, Hillman Minx.
  • I note the Bookers Sports Dept Store to the left and opposite it…….Bettencourt’s. Stabroek Market’s clock tower in the background.
  • To the left as well seems to be a cyclist dressed in the uniform of a then Bookers Store guard Continue reading

The real problem of GuySuCo – Tony Vieira letter

The real problem of GuySuCo is that management and the board  don’t know where to start to identify the problems or what they have to do to rectify them – Tony Vieira Letter

Dear Editor, —     Stabroek News: June 19, 2013 · · COMMENTS   

My father Mr. Joseph Vieira had 4 British patents when he was 34 years old; they were all for the design of implements for our sugar industry, specifically for tools to do land preparation in our cane fields. For this achievement he was asked to join the Board of Directors of Bookers in 1952 as the Director of Mechanical Coordination, a position he held until 1992, when he was removed since he was not a PPP supporter. Even then at age 74 he was still inventing new ways to prepare the sugar-cane fields using big articulated John Deer tractors with 8 wheels rather than the more costly and slower caterpillar tractors.

My father retired from Houston Estate in 1978 at age 60; he said that he was going to enjoy his retirement and relax. At the time Houston, a sugar estate of around 1600 planted acres, was producing around 4500-4800 tons of sugar a year, 1e  a yield of around 3 tons sugar per acre. Even though small it was producing nearly 25-30 per cent of LBI’s sugar, even though it was much bigger.   Continue reading