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The Secret Life of Winnie Cox – By Sharon Maas – Book Review by Frank Birbalsingh

Winnie Cox – Review by Frank Birbalsingh

Sharon Maas, The Secret Life of Winnie Cox, Ickenham, UK, Bookouture, 2015, pp.413. ISBN: 978 – 1 -910751 – 51 – 0

Sharon MaasThe Secret Life of Winnie Cox is a prequel to Sharon Maas’s fifth novel The Small Fortune of Dorothea Quint (2015) in which Dorothea appears as an eccentric grandmother playing a pivotal role in action that not only lasts from the 1930s to the 1990s, but jumps back and forth between London/ England and Georgetown/Guyana.

By contrast, events in Winnie Cox are anchored mostly on one fictional sugar plantation Promised Land, in Berbice, Guyana, during the decade or more immediately preceding   World War One. In her “Letter from Sharon”, at the end of WInnie Cox, the author also announces her novel as “the first of a trilogy” that will continue Winnie’s story.  Continue reading

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