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USA: You’ve heard about Brexit; now get ready for Blexit — By Mohamed Hamaludin

  — By Mohamed Hamaludin

When the British campaign to leave the European Union was launched, it was given a simple name, Brexit, short for British exit. Now an American media star has come up with a variant of that label, Blexit, short for Blacks leaving the Democratic Party. It was coined by Candace Owens, whom The Washington Post recently profiled as “the new face of black conservatism.”

Owens came up with the idea of Blexit after a meeting in February 2018 with Nigel Farage, a co-leader of the successful Brexit referendum, The Post reported. Owens had a message for Democrats: “Sixty years black people have been voting the same. What have we gotten back? That’s the plantation. We do the work, we make sure you get elected every four years. You get the power and we get absolutely nothing back.” She added, “This is the revolution and we are going to save America.”      Continue reading

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