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VENEZUELA: US lawmakers blast change in policy towards Venezuela; oil projects could increase

Nicolás Maduro

By OilNOW –

(S&P Global Platts) Details remained scant May 18 on a US policy shift that could chart a path for US companies to again invest in and operate Venezuelan oil projects as the Biden administration has reportedly begun to ease oil sanctions on the country.

While the administration has yet to officially announce any changes to US policy towards the regime of President Nicolás Maduro, several lawmakers put out statements criticizing a policy shift they contend was aimed at restarting dialogue between Maduro’s ruling government and the US-backed, opposition Venezuelan Unitary Platform.              Continue reading

COVID-19: Guess How Many Vaccines The US Has Given The Caribbean? – commentary

Photo: Indian vaccines as sent to Barbados earlier this year. The Caribbean is still waiting on any from the US.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. May 20, 2021: Want to take a wild guess of how many vaccines the United States Joe Biden administration, with a Caribbean roots vice-president, has so far given to the Caribbean?

If you guessed ZERO, then you are absolutely correct.

As the region battles with a new wave of rising cases and deaths, the Biden administration have ignored multiple governmental requests and again turned its back on its Third Border.      Continue reading

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