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GECOM AND JAGDEO By Verian Mentis-Barker


Jagdeo- Patterson – Granger

At the nucleus of the furor over the ‘unilateral’ selection of James Patterson to head Guyana Elections Commission, GECOM, is an emboldened Bharat Jagdeo, an infamous vestige of the ethnic nationalism he piloted during the twenty three years he pretended to govern a country of six races with an even hand, while subverting the very constitution he now defends with the impostures of faux patriotism.

That he continues to portray the part of Political Messiah,  is the causal effect of the Coalition Administration’s Communications Team still operating at levels of inaudibility.

One would expect that Communications is actually the profession of this Team and since it should be, a subject like Jagdeo, whose pledged  raison d’etre is to “keep the government on its toes…hold them accountable”, should not enjoy the exemption of news coverage that he does by these professionals hired to communicate on the government’s behalf, while Opposition Media spotlights the Government with ill intent; especially since he just oozes news .    READ MORE

The PPP’s dominance instinct: Why is Jagan more worthy than Burnham and Hoyte? – By Dr. David Hinds

The PPP’s dominance instinct: Why is Jagan more worthy than Burnham and Hoyte? – By Dr. David Hinds

By Dr. David Hinds – Hinds’ Sight – November 7, 2015

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

LAST week, I lamented the fact that the PPP is doing its best to ensure that the conditions for a national government of all the political forces in the country does not materialise. I premised my conclusion on the view that the PPP is steeped, perhaps inexorably so, in the belief that governing Guyana is its divine right, or what I call manifest destiny.

Dr Henry Jeffery also believes that what he calls the politics of dominance is very much part of the PPP’s political DNA. As one who has studied the PPP as a scholar, and has spent two decades in its ranks, his views on the matter should be taken seriously.

The belief in political power as a divine right is seriously dangerous in any political economy, but it is even more dangerous in an ethnically plural environment such as Guyana’s.   Continue reading

This broken and twisted economy the PPP has left behind – commentary

This broken and twisted economy the PPP has left behind

Pompous Editorial – Jul 12, 2015 – The Mosquito 

To understand the PPP’s current narrative the economy was like a Bugatti doing 120 on the highway and as soon as the opposition got into power they put it into an immediate, screeching reverse.

After all it’s been ten years of unbridled economic growth! Ashni Singh in January declared that “the people of Guyana have every reason to be proud and optimistic that their country has been witnessing economic growth for almost a decade with every sector showing significant and steady increases.” And even though official figures were not even released prior to May 11, Ramotar claimed GDP for 2014 grew by 4.5%. That’s bullshit as we suggested here.   Continue reading

CNS TV6 suspended for four months; Opposition Outraged

CNS TV6 suspended for four months; to lay off workers

Demerara Waves – 30 September, 2011

President Bharrat Jagdeo on Friday decided to suspend the privately-owned CNS TV6 for allegedly libelous statements against Juan Edghill by Tony Vieria in a commentary four months ago.

The station goes off air on Monday by which time the licensee would receive a formal notification of the suspension.

Continue reading

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