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Guyana: The Berbice River shall remain blocked until Russian eye-pass by RUSAL ceases – Lincoln Lewis

Article on RUSAL – The Bauxite Company of Guyana (BCGI) – website https://rusal.ru/en/about/11/

In Guyana, a Land Dispute With Venezuela Escalates Over Oil – NY Times article

New York Times Article – BY WILLIAM NEUMAN

In Guyana, a Land Dispute With Venezuela Escalates Over Oil

Venezuela has long insisted it owns everything west of the Essequibo River, including the Guyanese town of Bartica, in a battle that intensified after an oil discovery.

BARTICA, Guyana — At a little tin-roofed beer joint on the west bank of the Essequibo River, Rawle Huggins relaxed on a wooden bench and considered his tiny country’s escalating border spat with its much bigger neighbor, Venezuela.

“Here is Guyana,” said Mr. Huggins, a sometime gold miner, referring to the land beneath him and everything around it. “I don’t live in Venezuela. I live in Guyana. They live,” he added, gesturing beyond the jungle that fringes the town, “over there.”   Continue reading



The 1938 Hope Bridge


By Dmitri Allicock

The days of trembling tracks

Of Upper Demerara, way back

Whistle and thunder that excite

Laden cars coming with bauxite   Continue reading

Guyana- Putting country first – commentary

Guyana Map 2015

Guyana Map – click to enlarge

Putting country first

July 21, 2015 | By | Filed Under Editorial

Despite all the financial and economic problems facing the country especially with the sugar and rice industry, Guyana has an abundance of natural resources, arable land, mineral deposits, natural ports and a young and educated population to move the country forward.

With the recent discovery of oil, the economic growth potential in Guyana is very high. Despite these advantages, poverty, unemployment and crime, especially among the youths are on the rise in Guyana and the country continues to face serious economic and social challenges. Continue reading

It’s all in the name – the story of Linden

It’s all in the name – the story of Linden

An Article by Sherene Noble

Nestled in the heart of Guyana, amidst lolling white, grey and red sand hills, brown water creeks, blue water lakes and clear water springs; in the lush green of Guyana’s Amazonian vegetation, is the sleepy little bauxite town called Linden.

The story of how the town came into being is by no means a mystery. Three communities, Christianburg, Wismar and McKenzie merged into Macmarburg, then Markenburg;  and eventually became a township on April 29th, 1970. We have been told how George Bain McKenzie, that adventurous American discovered bauxite in the area in 1913 and commenced mining operations, paving the way for the development of McKenzie, after him. We know of how the Germans inhabited the land on the opposite bank of the Demerara River, 65 miles from the capital Georgetown, and named it Wismar, after a town and seaport in the northern regions of their native land. We have also heard stories of how the Dutch occupied the area immediately north of the boundaries of Wismar and combined the names of its then Governor, Christian Fenet, and his wife’s family name, Burg, to give Christianburg its moniker. Continue reading