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Lindeners take grievances outside President’s office

Lindeners take grievances outside President’s office

June 26, 2012 – Demerara Waves

Lindeners on Tuesday took their rejection of government’s plans to hike electricity tariffs from July 1 to outside President Donald Ramotar’s office as he was chairing cabinet.

The little more than 40 persons, who were bussed in from the bauxite mining town, also added to their list of grievances- government’s television monopoly and dust pollution.

Region 10 Chairman, Sharma Solomon; regional parliamentary representative, Vanessa Kissoon and Region 10 Councillor, Leslie Gonsalves were among the influential persons present.

Restating that Lindeners do not have the earning power to pay a total of GUY$1 billion-the subsidy that government has scrapped- for electricity from next month, Sharma defended the small number of protesters who participated in the picketing exercise.   Continue reading

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