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Understanding the Ramifications of the UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements — analysis

Understanding the UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements: What Are the Immediate Ramifications?

Can Trump’s administration overturn the Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements? Why didn’t Putin veto it? Why didn’t China veto? What are the short-and long-term implications? A guide to make sense of the mess.

Barak Ravid | HaaretzOpinion - commentary -analysis

The resolution against Israeli settlements adopted by the UN Security Council Friday sent out diplomatic, political and media shockwaves. After thousands of reports, analyses and spins, here is a guide to make sense of the mess.

Is this the first UNSC resolution concerning Israeli settlements?

No. But it is the first to deal so specifically with the settlements in over 35 years. The previous such resolution, Resolution 465, was adopted by the Security Council in March 1980. That being said, since 1980, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has undergone dramatic changes, the extent of the Israeli settlement enterprise has grown dramatically, and international community’s focus on the settlements as a threat to the viability of the two-state solution has also increased markedly.    Continue reading

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