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Book: East River – by Derrick John Jeffrey

Book: East River – by Derrick John Jeffrey (Author) -Paperback – September 16, 2016 – Amazon.com

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A page turning novel about murder, corruption and money laundering within the walls of the UN and one of its peacekeeping operations.

New York City 1968

A woman enters the headquarters of the UN one morning. She walks up to the UN’s director of public information, pulls out a gun and calmly blows him away. She jumps through the now shattered seventh floor window into New York’s East River and disappears beneath the surface of the murky water.    The only witness is a Cuban-American freelance journalist who is told that what he saw never occurred, but instead the senior official had committed suicide.    Continue reading

20 Great Cities Around the World – in 90 Seconds – videos

 20 Great Cities Around the World – in 90 Seconds
I didn’t know which city I should visit next, so I was blown away by these stunning and informative 90 second videos of the world’s 20 top places. Starting from Chicago, head eastward across ‘the pond’ through exquisite Paris, fascinating Prague, luxurious Dubai and exotic Bangkok right back to America’s West Coast. Spend 90 seconds in each city and give yourself a taste of the best the world has to offer. 
 1. Chicago, USA
We start our tour in this utterly complete city. With great universities, world famous shops & restaurants – plus the magnificent Lake Michigan – Chicago attracts over 50 million people, and you’d be mad not to join them.
 This is just the first of 20 short videos.
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