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Guyana – The truth means nothing to the politician – By Adam Harris

The truth means nothing to the politician

Adam Harris

Adam Harris

Opinion - commentary -analysisI am convinced that politics is about deception. It is about making one group of people look good and at the same time, criticizing the other. But in doing so the politicians give credence to the adage that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

When the coalition government came into office it did so on the back of a lot of promises. It has been able to keep some of these promises, but others have proven difficult. The result of the failure has led to rampant criticisms.
One of the promises was transparency. The government had promised to make available the numerous contracts signed by the previous government. However, the nation has suddenly found that it cannot be made privy to the Marriott contract. That is something that I cannot understand.           Continue reading

Guyana’s Natural Resources: Zero Tolerance for Vaitarna and Bai Shan Lin – xpressblogg.com

Guyana- loggingOpinion - commentary -analysisThe sudden decision by China to provide aid to Guyana was hardly puzzling.

We knew that another principle of distributive justice was at work; one that was not formally articulated, perhaps deliberately muted because of the disparate goals of the parties at the deal table.

The world was already watching on at the not so subtle creep of China into the Caribbean and surrounding countries that shared the same dependency on foreign aid because the choices of their post colonial leaders – selfish governance, greed, corruption – led to economic underdevelopment and stagnation that left these countries sitting on potential they were unable to develop.

India, its equally insidious partner, was hot on its heels and did not go unnoticed, either.    Continue reading

Documents: BaiShanLin enjoys duty free concessions galore

BaiShanLin enjoys duty free galore


officials-tOfficial documents, including agreements signed by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Government, have come to light.
It is revealing how the previous administrations doled out duty free concessions to certain foreign companies.
One company, BaiShanLin specifically, was scandalously given almost unlimited permission to import vehicles and equipment, including in one case an extraordinary request for one billion tons of cement and two billion pails of paint.    Continue reading

BaiShanLin’s iron grip on Guyana… Company in almost all sectors

BaiShanLin’s iron grip on Guyana…Company has tentacles in almost all sectors

MAY 8, 2016 | BY -has 19 companies registered

-businesses include mining, housing, logging, transportation, hardware, etc

Bai-shan-lin log yard -Kwakwani

Bai-shan-lin log yard -Kwakwani

Over two years ago, its activities in Guyana came under the spotlight raising concerns about the extent of its presence here.
In Region Ten, along the Upper Berbice River, a huge log storage area was discovered, signaling heavy activities in the area.

It was later revealed that BaiShanLin, a Chinese company, had managed to take control of over 700,000 hectares of forest lands.
The investor, much to the shock of other industry stakeholders, was also given a blank cheque, to the tune of billions of dollars, on tax breaks and duty free concessions.   [Read more]

Here are some more details…
Bai Shan Lin’s logging operations in Guyana: “Exploitation, disruption and destruction”
By Chris Lang 19 August 2014

Over the past two weeks, a series of articles has appeared in the Kaieteur News about Chinese logging company Bai Shan Lin’s operations in Guyana. The articles accuse Bai Shan Lin of operating illegally. The Guyana Forestry Commission responds that “there is no circumventing of Guyana’s logging laws by Bai Shan Lin”.

The first in the series of articles published by the Kaieteur News, dated 7 August 2014, has the headline, “Bai Shan Lin circumvents Guyana’s logging laws…Ships Billions $$$$ of high priced logs monthly” and it ran on the front cover of the newspaper:
Read more..http://www.redd-monitor.org/2014/08/19/bai-shan-lins-logging-operations-in-guyana-exploitation-disruption-and-destruction/


Strip Harmon’s powers, enforce code of conduct for Govt. officials – AFC

Strip Harmon’s powers, enforce code of conduct for Govt. officials – AFC

APRIL 11, 2016 | BY | (Abena Rockcliffe-Campbell)

The Alliance For Change (AFC) says that too many responsibilities have been placed in the hands of Minister of State, Joseph Harmon. The Party thinks that this is the root of many problems in the coalition government which it is a part of.

In a statement issued last evening, AFC revealed that key leaders met yesterday on a retreat which is part of an ongoing effort to review the party’s performance. At that forum, the politicians also discussed a number of issues of concern to the Party. The AFC also reviewed and considered internal matters with regard to the party’s operations and structure along with its role as part of the Coalition Government of Guyana.

“Among the matters discussed at the retreat was the issue of the appointment of a Ministerial Advisor on Business Development by the Minister of State and other revelations in the public domain.”   Continue reading

GUYANA – Latest News from various sources – November 27, 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 27 November 2015  –  Kaieteur News  

         (see other News sources at the end of this entry)

GUYANA – Latest News – various sources – 06 November 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 06 November 2015  –  Kaieteur News 

   (see other News sources at the end of this entry)

GRA Tax exemptions, concessions last year amounted to quarter of Nat’l Budget

GRA Tax exemptions, concessions last year amounted to quarter of Nat’l Budget


“GRA was politically compromised, lacked accountability” – Jordan

Tax exemptions and concessions granted last year amounted to an astounding $55B (US$275M), with the new Government on Monday vowing widespread reforms to fix a broken system.

During his maiden National Budget presentation on Monday, Finance Minister Winston Jordan made it clear that the situation was totally unacceptable with evidence that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) was politically compromised under the previous administration of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).

 However, according to Jordan, on assumption to office, they found a tax system that is characterized by high rates. This resulted in “innumerable requests for tax exemptions and concessions, which totaled $55 billion, in 2014.”   Continue reading

Logging & Mining: BaiShanLin concessions warrant special review + video

BaiShanLin concessions warrant special review

JULY 24, 2015 | BY |By Kiana Wilburg

– Guyana is yet to know how it has benefitted –Presidential Advisor

wamara-300x183Presidential Advisor on Sustainable Development Dr. Clive Thomas will soon be making recommendations to the Granger administration for all concessions granted to major foreign investors to come under special review.

Dr. Thomas said that the concessions granted to one major company, BaiShanLin, need to be investigated thoroughly.
In a recent interview with this newspaper, the economist said that it is imperative for the new Government to have a “proper understanding” of how the nation is benefitting from the “hefty concessions” which were granted to these companies during the time of the past administration. He stressed that doing this will also help the government to manage how the country benefits in the long term from foreign companies.   Continue reading

Massive Customs fraud with BaiShanLin’s Wamara logs export – Bulkan + video

Massive Customs fraud taking place with BaiShanLin’s Wamara logs export – Bulkan

June 21, 2015 | By KNews | chu-hongbo-   A prominent forestry expert has warned of a massive Customs fraud taking place in exports of Wamara logs to China.

 Photo: BaiShanLin’s Managing Director, Chu Hongbo

In a letter published yesterday in Kaieteur News, Janette Bulkan said that public records available indicate systematic under-invoicing when it comes to shipping of the logs to especially China.
An Assistant Professor at a Canadian university, Bulkan is now urging for a forensic audit to be carried out in the natural resources sector.

Guyana learnt about Wamara logs last year after it was disclosed that one company, BaiShanLin, was shipping container loads of it out of Guyana every month.  Continue reading

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